Program FMT


10-day intestinal microbial cell transplantation program

The FMT program offers clients an extraordinary opportunity of top British “bacteriotherapy“ during 10 working days. This procedure is now available exclusively at our clinic, with first-class care, personalized dietary and lifestyle advice and cutting-edge metabolic and biochemical tuning.

The highest safety standard of the FMT

Transplantation consists exclusively of microbial cells from strictly tested healthy donors for all, even latent, diseases.

Bacteria from a certified bio bank

A professional team of doctors, dietitians, and nutrition specialists in cooperation with experts from the British clinic.

Establishing a partnership with a British Taymount clinic creates a more affordable option for our clients to undergo a globally sought-after program and an opportunity for the exchange of intestinal microbiota in the territory of Slovakia and the European Union. All transplants are from trusted TML.Science®.

10 transplantations of

fecal microbiota



Transplantation of intestinal microbial cells consists of the implementation of “healthy donor cells“ into the client’s tract. The goal is the effort to revitalize the intestinal microbiome, increase bacterial diversity and restore the optimal function of the intestinal system. The FMT program can have a positive effect on various acute and chronic diseases.

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      Care in the FMT program

      The FMT program brings clients 10 days of care, which consists of the application of bacteriotherapy (FMT), first-class care, personalized counselling in the field of diet and lifestyle, and comprehensive metabolic and biochemical tuning. The FMT procedure meets the highest safety standards, and all transplanted cells undergo a 6-month quarantine and come from 10 donors. All transplants are manufactured and tested by TML.Science®. Only microbial cells (not fecal contents) are transplanted, part of which is stored for subsequent auditing in case of further client needs. Please contact us regarding the price of the FMT program. It is regulated by the current exchange rate (from pounds to euros), supplemented by transport, customs, and licensing costs.

      Day 1

      Colonic lavage and FMT implant (2 hours)

      Day 2-10

      Day FMT implant (1 hour per day)

      Advice and support

      We are your constant support throughout the entire program. We will prepare you for the procedure and answer all your questions.

      Additional services

      For the FMT program, it is also possible to develop a detailed meal plan, dietary supplements, exercise, or psycho-hygiene tailored to the client.

      Reservation of FMT telephone consultation

      50€ for 30 minutes

      We combine expertise and innovation into a unique whole

      Our doctors and specialists

      At Symptomedica, we believe that the basis of medicine is helping people. Get to know the qualified and professional team of specialists and doctors.


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        We became the exclusive partner of a clinic Taymount in Great Britain that opened a state-of-the-art FMT clinic in 2011 and have successfully perfomed 34,000+ treatments to date. From now on, you can also undergo the procedure, in Slovakia, at our clinic and under the thorough care of our experts.

        Premium care
        During this program, the client is under the constant supervision of a council of doctors and specialists.
        Globally sought-after program
        The FMT program is effective, sought-after, but difficult to access. We are pleased that we can now also help with acute and chronic diseases.
        Our cooperation with the Taymount clinic brings unique help with optimizing the microbiome for clients from all over the EU.

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        Exclusive partner of Great Britain.

        Professional and mainly human approach in solving my health problems. I highly recommend it to everyone who don’t know what to do with their health. Symptomedica is just great. Everywhere I go, I praise them. (Anna Z.)

        Anna Z.

        You don’t have to be afraid of “white coats” at this clinic. A pleasant and accommodating approach will relieve you of any fear. Professionalism, expertise, nice people in one place. If you need help, surely contact Symptomedica. (Zuzana F.)

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        We thank the whole Symptomedica team for the care. They have a fantastic approach, you don’t have to be afraid, and above all, you are sure that you have done the right thing for your health. We were examined with our 3-year-old daughter, the approach to children is also perfect, they are professionals, and we can only recommend them to anyone who is considering. (Bibiana S.)

        Bibiana S.