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Stano Ráček MD

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Stano Ráček MD

Gut Microbiome Supervisor

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MUDr. Stano Ráček

Integrative and participatory medicine, epigenetics, microbiota and bacteriotherapy

MUDr. Ráček is the author of the concept “Health in Your Own Hands“ (in Slovak: „Zdravie vo vlastných rukách“). This concept combines the latest knowledge obtained by analysing studies from prestigious periodicals, information from regular visits to foreign seminars, courses, trainings and, of course, active medical practice. He has been working on epigenetics, microbiota, nutrition, dietary supplements and functional habits for more than nine years.

Mudr. Ráček investigates the relations between nutrition, microbiota, sleep, habits and health  problems. In his practice, he works effectively with a complex patient anamnesis, “tailored“ blood sampling, sequential analysis of the microbiome, evaluation and compilation of meal plans and lifestyle measures.

At the Symptomedica clinic, MUDr. Ráček mainly treats people with various chronic conditions, but also enthusiasts looking for the latest trends in health prevention and a sustainable lifestyle. As a trained and certified doctor, he conducts consultations for gut microbiome restoration therapy – the 10-day FMT program – and is a supervising doctor and advisor throughout the whole bacteriotherapy process.

Values and quality

MUDr. Ráček’s vision is to bring the best of the world of holistic medicine to Slovakia. In active medical practice, his long-term goal is to improve awareness of diseases of the digestive tract and civilization diseases. With his comprehensive view of problems and diagnoses, together with the expert team of the Symptomedica clinic, he enables each patient to take control of their health in their own hands.

Motto of MUDr. Ráček is: “I’ll do my best to make it at least a little fun for you!“ 🙂

Focus and specialization

Nutritional advice and food supplements

Comprehensive nutritional advice, detailed client history, evaluation and adjustment of diet and non-pharmacological therapy.


Researching the relations and dependencies between lifestyle and human genetics.

Additional examinations

Measurement with the Inbody device, personalized blood sampling, microbiotic sampling.


Evaluation of sequential genetic analysis of the client’s microbiome and proposal of solutions for its optimization.